Welcome to the show.

On Life and Meaning is a podcast about what matters most in our lives. We talk to our guests about their devotions. We ask them what they do and why they do it. We are interested in how they see the world. We are curious. We ask questions others might not think to ask. And questions you would want us to ask.

We explore talents, projects, motivations and higher purposes. The show focuses on art, philosophy, leadership, literature, civic life and culture – seeking to inspire a more insightful and humane world.

The podcast is informed by a philosophy. We are optimistic about the human quest. Our optimism arises from a willingness to look squarely at the complexities of the human condition. We look at the deep gray tones of living and look for the light from within.  We see it as the only way forward.  

“Human Brilliance is a resources that comes from our inner-self and manifests in who we are, what we do, how we do it, and, most importantly, why we do it. And it is not one thing, like IQ or EQ or musical talent, manual dexterity, athletic ability or interpersonal skills; it is the totality of our gifts, talent and experience.”
— Bruce W. Fritch @ FritchConsulting.com

the Philosophy that guides this Podcast

  • We attract into the world what we are.

  • We are our beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of being.

  • Fulfillment is living our purpose well for others.

  • Ideas define the future.

  • The arts are a vessel of our humanity.

  • Our beliefs should be explored.

  • Love is well-considered creativity.