Complete Us.

We are in this together. At first ‘we’ means the producing team. We dream and conceptualize and try things out. We stumble. We laugh. We worry. We try again. There are so many joys to the effort: what is this podcast about again? Is the domain available? Should we go with Word Press or Squarespace?  How exactly does the mixer board work? What about the music? How do we make it great?

We find our answers thinking about you. You think about the big questions. You are curious about the lives people lead and the work they do. You wonder about the human condition and are energized by the human spirit. You are always learning. You care about this life that you are living and leaving the world a better place.

As we send our podcast into the universe ‘we’ becomes the producing team and you. You listening to podcasts on your smart phones. In your cars. On your laptops and desktops. On some future platform that Elon Musk is imagining at this very moment.  You thinking about your own life and all its beauty and wonder.

The show is a co-creation. A relationship among and between. The mission of inspiring a more insightful and humane world matters to you. You lean in.

This is what you do:

  • You listen to episodes.
  • You subscribe to the podcast.
  • You read our A Personal Word essays.
  • You like our page on Facebook and share it on social media. 
  • You tell your friends.  In real life.
  • You rate and review us on iTunes and your favorite directories.
  • You make a donation to support our work. It is a simple and vital way to support us on our journey. 
  • You become a patron of the show.  Patreon is a crowdsourcing platform that allows you to make an automatic monthly contribution at a level you choose to sustain our work. 
  • Together we build something true and beautiful.
  • You email us at
  • You root us on as we get better.
  • You embrace our good wishes too.

Cheers to you. And to us.