A Personal Word.

Every guest of this show inspires me.  I get to talk with them about what they do and who they are.  The conversations are compelling and sometimes quite intimate.  I'm grateful for their trust in me.  I'm enriched every time.

At the end of every episode I share 'A Personal Word' in honor of my guest.  It is an opportunity for me to share my thoughts about something we may have discussed and about the life journey we are on.

I invite to you to read my reflections.  I hope you find them rewarding.

- Mark Peres

  1. Peter Reinhart - Bread as a Metaphor for LifeHello and Welcome to the Show
  2. Carlos Salum - Theaters of PurposeTwo Cathedrals and the Enlightenment
  3. Jeff Jackson - Strange and Wonderful BodiesWe Are Always Emerging
  4. Valaida Fullwood - Reframing LovePlato and the Theory of Forms
  5. Bruce Fritch - Getting to InsightCards and Letters Before the Age of the Internet
  6. Becky Winkler - Divining TalentYou're Electrifying
  7. David Wagner - Cities and MemoryWhat Carl Sandberg, Greek Mythology, Rudyard Kipling and Jim Morrison Have in Common
  8. John W. Love, Jr. - The Perpetually Pregnant ManA Moment of Stage Fright
  9. Henry Rock II - A New Class of EntrepreneursHaving the Conversation on Race
  10. Katie Oates - Something TrueJohnny and June
  11. Michael Goldfarb - All Along the WatchtowerThe Voices of NPR and Kittens
  12. Charlie Elberson - Brand Identity - What is True
  13. Matt Olin - Creative MorningsEvolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive
  14. Karen Geiger - Leaders at WorkMastery, Belonging & Autonomy
  15. Kelly Chopus - Reformer Prophet - Missionary Zeal
  16. Mike Watson - Tell Tale HeartFeminist Voices and the Ethics of Care
  17. Renee Stout - Conjure WomanDancing in Honor of the Gods
  18. Deborah Bosley - Plain LanguageThe Ink is Black, The Page is White
  19. Amy Chiou - Social Venture Evangelist Confucian Natural Teleology in 21st Century America
  20. Charles Thomas - A More Beautiful WorldThe Connections Our Hearts Want
  21. Carol Hardison - Care and GraceA Life of Care and Virtue
  22. Suzanne Fetscher - Art Inspired Fragments of Memory
  23. Phillip Larrimore - Out of the Mist Hiding in Plain Sight
  24. Lee Keesler - Community StewardThe Encouragement To Go Far
  25. Manoj Kesavan - Making Things HappenThe Most Silent Hour of the Night
  26. Dianne Chipps Bailey - Doing Well and GoodOn Virtue and Privilege
  27. Tom Gabbard - Show BusinessProducing What is Best in Ourselves
  28. Angela Gala - Mindful Meditation - Daydreaming in French House
  29. Tiffany Capers - Black Lives MatterA Painted Canvas
  30. Philip Blumenthal - Family LegacyPhotographs on a Wall
  31. Robert Bush - Culture for AllA Barbaric Yawp
  32. Fabi Preslar - A Sparkling LifeLeaps of Faith and Glimpses of Eternity
  33. Russ Greenfield - Integrating MedicineThe Dalai Lama and Being Well
  34. Candice Langston - Electric BarbarellaThe Reflex
  35. Dave Newell - Transition to ImpactFoundations of Leadership
  36. Jack Ossa - The Power of DesignOvercoming Resistance
  37. Michael Marsicano - Visionary CatalystIntellectual Honesty
  38. Toussaint Romain - Between the LinesThe Man in the White Shirt
  39. Dianne English - The Ties That Bind What's In the Ground
  40. Patrice Funderburg - Self Care and LiberationExistential Choice and Formation
  41. Amy Herman - Image MakerOur Experiencing and Remembering Selves
  42. Spencer Merriweather - Justice LeagueWhat Prosecutors Do
  43. Marek Ranis - Environmental Art - Art as Crucifixion
  44. Nick Napoletano - Quantum EntanglementsLeonardo In His Studio
  45. Amanda Pagliarini Howard - One Clear VoiceRelease from Fear
  46. Piko Ewoodzie - Participant ObserverBearing Witness
  47. Mike McGuire - Status GoOn Curiosity and Courage
  48. Tana Greene - Maximizer FuturistFinding a Better Way
  49. Daniel Levine - Neighborhood of Tomorrow - Imagining First Ward
  50. Hope Muir - The Most Incredible Thing - Exploring A New Tangent
  51. Michael Smith - City Builder - Shaping Civilization
  52. Emily Giffin - All We Ever Wanted - Something New
  53. Michael Graff - Along The Way - Memory and Love
  54. Shannon Binns - Earth In Mind - Lucky Ones
  55. Laura Neff - True Belonging - Ramble On
  56. Kali Ferguson - Personal Parable - Empaths and Gifts of Imperfection
  57. Lila Allen - Metropolis - A Star is Born