Your Host and Guide.

Hello.  I'm Mark Peres.

Every person has a story and I love discovering that story.  I enjoy talking with people about their lives and work. It is thrilling to connect with others and share in profound moments that reveal.

I started On Life and Meaning to explore the higher purposes of people making a difference in the world.  Many of my guests I've known for a long time.  Many guests I met for the first time for this show.  All of my guests are people who fascinate me.  I'm confident they will fascinate you too.  

On Life and Meaning is an extension of work I do professionally. I am a professor of leadership studies at Johnson & Wales University. I teach classes on moral philosophy and how to lead lives of meaning and purpose. Courses I've created include The Good Life and How To Change the World.  I love the work I do helping students realize their potential as learners and leaders.

I had previous careers practicing law, starting businesses and working in investment planning. I founded and led Charlotte Viewpoint, an arts and culture magazine. I learned a few things along the way.

There are many things I enjoy, from being engaged as a citizen to listening to blues guitar.  I like taking photographs and writing a good sentence.  I sketch what I see every now and then.  I enjoy reading a great book of fiction.  I love the company of friends.

I graduated from The Florida State University College of Law and from Rollins College, where I studied history and philosophy of religion. Those were formative years and good times.

I am a husband and dad. The two best decisions I ever made. And I'm grateful for this life.