Your host and guide.

I am creator and host of On Life and Meaning. I enjoy talking with people about their lives and work. It is thrilling to connect with others and share in profound moments that reveal. Every person has a story and I love discovering that story.  

I am a citizen. I am interested in a world in which we grow the pie creatively and share it generously. I am engaged in how our talents and aspirations come alive in the places we live.  The Good Life - what it is and how we manifest it for all in community - is important to me.

I am an educator.  I am a professor of leadership studies at Johnson & Wales University. I teach courses on moral philosophy and how to lead lives of meaning and purpose. I love the work I do helping students realize their potential as learners and leaders.

I had previous careers practicing law, starting businesses, working in investment planning, and leading a non-profit magazine about civic life and culture. I learned a few things along the way.

I have my share of interests: I enjoy cultural events and listening to blues guitar. I like taking photographs and writing a good sentence. I sketch what I see every now and then. I enjoy reading a great book of fiction. I love the company of friends.

I am a graduate of The Florida State University College of Law and Rollins College, where I studied history and philosophy of religion. Those were formative years and good times.

I am a husband and dad. The two best decisions I ever made. And I'm grateful for this life.