“On Life and Meaning casts a new light on the age-old question of “where is wisdom to be found?” It is one of the more thoughtful, in-depth, wide-ranging interview series available today.”
— Philip Larrimore

“Mark Peres has woven together a tapestry of stories about individuals who approach life and leadership in fascinatingly different and colorful ways. He couples podcast interviews of each voice with his own reflective essays on the experience. While the body of work is place-based in Charlotte, its value as a collection is far reaching into the universality of the human condition.”
— Michael Marsicano

“Rarely are we given a chance to listen and talk about our deepest thoughts and feelings: what gives our life meaning and connects us to others. Mark Peres gives us that opportunity to reflect on our own lives by listening to others’ talk about their own life’s work. And the addition of his own essay after every podcast holds our hand through the ups and downs of this journey. For me, it’s similar to what poetry and music do for us: open our hearts and minds and allow us to see the world and ourselves differently if only for a few moments.”
— Katie Oates

Mark Peres is an amazingly in-depth and compassionate interviewer. He sets the tone for his podcast guest to comfortably share valuable personal perspectives on topics such as life and meaning. The show is powerfully positioned and provides a rare perspective into the lives of his guests.
— Fabi Preslar

Talking points be damned, On Life and Meaning takes in-studio guests and audience members on a journey to discover new territory. As a listener, I’ve learned things about people I consider friends. As a guest, I learned things about myself I never considered. Mark’s questions grab for the core. Sitting across from him, I was forced to consider not just my own story, but also how my story fits into the much larger stories of community and society. At a time when the shallowness spreads quickly online, On Life and Meaning is a welcome dose of thoughtfulness and insight.
— Michael Graff

“On Life and Meaning reflects the eclectic and curious personality of its creator, Mark Peres.  Each episode is guided by insightful questions leading to a compelling listener experience no matter who the guest is.  I’ve enjoyed each one I’ve experienced!”
— Becky Winkler

“From the music beds to the accompanying essays and photos, one gets the sense that On Life and Meaning is more than a podcast to Mark. It’s a labor of love and learning. It’s thoughtful, well-researched, well-produced and, most importantly, thought provoking.”
— Jay Ahuja

“On Life and Meaning is an innovative way to build and reinforce community, using technology to bring people together and learn from each other. It is an antidote to the paradox of connection and disconnection that technology often offers. I have learned a lot from people I admire and even don’t know and it has caused me to feel even more pride and love for my community.”
— Karen Geiger 

“When I was invited to be a guest on On Life and Meaning I admit I had a lot of questions…Why me? What have I done?...but the interview experience was quite rewarding personally and the response of friends and strangers to my story has been a bit overwhelming.  It has also prompted me to listen to the stories of others and each has reinforced the lesson we all need right now - listening to others is an act of bridging our differences.”
— Robert Bush

“Mark Peres is a truth-seeker who has spent years exploring Charlotte’s soul, first in print and now with audio interviews that will ultimately become a record of transformative thinking. On Life and Meaning is an essential deep dive into what makes Charlotte significant: its visionary, creative, entrepreneurial and philanthropic heart. Listening to each personal story evokes questions and invites the listener to consider, try or shift something about themselves. The interviews are powerful because they are memorable and lead to action.”
— Carlos Salum

“I’m extremely humbled to be amongst this class of OLM guests. By trusting and walking the path that Mark took our conversation, I have heard from numerous listeners - friends, acquaintances, and strangers - and a new connection and openness now exists.”
— Amanda Pagliarini Howard

“On Life and Meaning is my new favorite for a variety of reasons. I have become a student of Mark’s listening, how it spurs the questions he asks, how he deftly keeps the focus on drawing more out of his interviewees despite that pesky human thing of having his own thoughts and perspectives in the process.
And I am always leaning in to hear his “personal word” at the very end of each episode, perfectly compartmentalized from the interview (allowing more space for his guest) but also giving Mark his own space to share his thoughts, background relationship with that episode’s guest.
It’s just brilliantly, generously, and humbly accomplished each time. I learn from both Mark and his guests, and I encourage you to listen!”
— Laura Neff

“Mark has created a trove of advice, thoughts, and perspectives from some of the strongest leaders and most creative people in our community.”
— Candice Langston

“The guests’ reflections of extraordinary Charlotte-area achievements & impact is riveting.  The way Mark patiently unpacks each guest’s passion, purpose, & legacy is like a carefully crafted manuscript in audio form.  This podcast is a commuter’s perfect companion!”
— Stacy Cassio

“Rare is the rich conversation in today’s edited down, and diluted world of communication.  The beauty of On Life and Meaning is that the discourse is framed by an optimistic lens through which voices can be heard and shared so as to gain insight and depth of understanding.  The pace of the show invites you in so that you become the casual observer/listener sitting an armchair away allowing you to be comfortably intimate and distant at the same time. The seeming duality of the On Life and Meaning podcast (intimate/distant, micro/macro) is in reality a more nuanced integration of opposites, which supports the idea that true wisdom is the ability to subtly hold together seemingly opposing thoughts at the same time. This is the what makes On Life and Meaning, meaningful, and purposeful, and intentionally wonderful. I was honored to be a guest, and am grateful to be a listener.”
— Mike Watson

“A dive into the minds that are molding Charlotte, On Life and Meaning helps humanize the individuals that are a building our city.”
— Nick Napoletano

“Just when I thought I knew them, my friends continue to surprise me!”
— Mike Clement