Electric Barbarella


Airdate: March 1, 2018

Candice Langston is a communications consultant who helps organizations make a positive impact in their communities. She previously was a principal at SOLID, a strategic communications and civic engagement firm. Her career includes serving as director of development and strategic partnerships for the UNC Charlotte College of Arts + Architecture, an advancement consultant for Time Out Youth, and as business director and senior marketing manager for Sotheby's. Candice is the founder and former owner of Potion, a chain of indie skincare and fragrance boutique retail shops. She earned a B.A. in art history from Queens University of Charlotte, and an M.A. in arts administration and an M.B.A. from Southern Methodist University.   

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in media and messaging, civic engagement, TED talks, Hello Kitty and the music of Duran Duran.  


  • Candice shares what she tells clients about navigating different media platforms and explains the phrase 'the medium is the message.'

  • She considers mobile devices as an extension of our bodies.

  • She talks about the message we all need to hear and the importance of 'getting proximate.'

  • Candice answers what music she listened to in high school and college, having the right look, and which clubs she attended as part of the music scene in Charlotte.

  • She discusses what she learned working for Sotheby's in London and in New York, and  why she returned to Charlotte and launched Potion.

  • Candice reflects on her work at UNC Charlotte College of Arts + Architecture and getting the message right for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Opportunity Task Force.

  • She talks about helping launch TEDxCharlotte and the spark it created.

  • Candice explains her love for Duran Duran and what she has in common with Audrey Hepburn and Hello Kitty.

plus Mark's Personal Word Essay: The Reflex

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  • What struck you about Candice's comments?

  • What makes for a good message?

  • What would be your TED talk?

  • What is your favorite band and song?

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