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Eric Davis is a producer, writer, director and photographer. He works with businesses and non-profit organizations to create media content for television, web and live events. He is currently affiliated with Susie Films, a producer of cable television programs and corporate media. Eric previously served as Vice President of Broadcasting and Content for WTVI, Charlotte’s PBS station. During his tenure, WTVI won 7 Mid-South Region Emmy awards, including twice for Cultural Documentary. He is on the board of the 100 Words Film Festival and serves on the Executive Committee of the Mecklenburg County Boy Scouts of America. Eric earned a B.Sc. degree in Telecommunication Management from the University of Florida and an M.B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in producing media, telling stories, helping other people do better, Florida, wrestling, hot dogs, marching bands and football.   


  • Eric describes what he does as a producer and his base skill as a writer for video.

  • He explains the work he does producing documentaries for Susie Films.

  • He outlines the process he follows to produce a video for a corporate client.

  • Eric shares what makes for a good story and he goes about getting it.

  • He tells a story about telling a story in Galway, Ireland.

  • He considers why story-telling is so central to the human experience and the value he brings as a story-teller.

  • Eric explains what he means by the phrase ‘if you can’t fix it, feature it.’

  • He answers whether the value of professional producing has increased or decreased in a world where everyone is a content creator.

  • He identifies the person who does what he does whose work he admires and the signature to his work.

  • Eric talks about growing up in Florida and why the people there are weird.

  • He shares what was important to him when he was yearbook editor in high school and on the track team at Brandon High School.

  • He discusses his path attending four colleges, studying telecommunication management, selling radio on-air advertising and finding his way to Charlotte.

  • Eric answers what was difficult and what he loved as Vice President of Broadcasting and Content at WTVI, Charlotte’s PBS station.

  • He reveals why he is a story-teller and what professional wrestling has to do with it.

  • He discusses helping other people do better and what he has learned about creativity.

  • Eric plays a lightning round sharing answers on Dusty Rhodes, Lums hot dogs, roadside stands, speed traps, the Florida Gators, the Auburn-Alabama rivalry, Dan Marino, the Miami Hurricanes, marching bands, high school kicking, picking college football games, and the Boy Scouts of America.

plus Mark’s Personal Word Essay: Football is Transcendent

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  • What struck you about Eric’s comments?

  • What can’t you fix that you feature?

  • What was difficult that you also loved?

  • How do you help others do better?

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