From Here to Eternity


Airdate: October 25, 2018

Hardin Minor is a performance artist and entertainer who embodies countless characters and enlivens spaces throughout the Charlotte community. He is co-founder of OMIMEO Mime Theatre, which presents a blend of mime illusion, circus arts, and special effects theater magic. He has performed for every kind of audience, from the classroom to corporate settings. Hardin has received numerous awards, including the Arts & Science Council’s Creative Fellowship Award, the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center Stage Award in recognition of longtime service to the arts in Charlotte, and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte 2017 Distinguished Alumnus in Dance award. He received a Bachelor of Creative Arts degree in Dance and Education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. 

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in mime and performance art, the physical nature of wisdom, the spirit of the clown, and widening cosmic circles.  


  • Hardin describes his work as an entertainer, how he presents himself to the world, and the dynamic he applies to everything.

  • He channels ‘The Ballet Gourmet,’ ‘Barry Cantaloupe’ and ‘Banana Claus.’

  • He discusses Commedia Dell’Arte and the roots of physical comedy.

  • Hardin explains ‘physical-osophy’ and where and how we gain wisdom in life.

  • He talks about the incarnation of the divine, becoming beams of light, whether the life of a clown is a happy one, and where he is on the clown spectrum.

  • Hardin remembers his parents and the wild, wonderful home he grew up in, attending Woodberry Forest School and UNC Chapel Hill.

  • He discusses his experiences of direct action, how he began his career in dance, and the sudden revelation he had.

  • Hardin reads a poem entitled ‘I Live My Life’ by Ranier Maria Rilke.

plus Mark's Personal Word Essay: A Rose Upon His Nose

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  • What struck you about Hardin's comments?

  • Are there characters that you inhabit?

  • How does your physicality inform who you are?

  • How do the circles of your life widen?

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