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Howard Slutzky is a professor of psychology at Johnson & Wales University. He has a particular interest in the areas of emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and mindfulness. Howard offers numerous health and wellness workshops on topics such as relationships, stress reduction, time-management, grief and loss, dream interpretation, and coping with medical issues. He has worked in a variety of clinical settings including community mental health, college counseling, and private practice. He also has a part-time private practice where he conducts disability evaluations for Social Security. Howard earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland at College Park and a doctorate of psychology from Georgia School of Professional Psychology with a focus on general adult psychology.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in teaching psychology, interpreting dreams, surviving leukemia, overcoming personal trauma, and living authentically.  


  • Howard describes a favorite lesson on alien hand syndrome he teaches in his Introduction to Psychology course.

  • He answers why psychology classes are so popular on college campuses.

  • He tells a story about a student seeking enlightenment.

  • He talks about different workshops on mental health and wellness he leads and how he goes about interpreting dreams.

  • Howard shares who he is in the classroom and what he wants his students to learn.

  • He recalls his childhood in Potomac, Maryland, and his sister Elisa.

  • He describes being diagnosed at the age of seven with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and surviving cancer as a child.

  • Howard recites a poem he wrote in graduate school called ‘Fallen Angel’ about isolation and pretending.

  • He shares how he found his way to teaching and what he loves about it.

  • He talks about discovering that his sister Elisa had been killed and managing the events that followed.

  • He addresses going to work the day after his sister died.

  • Howard answers where he is now emotionally, what has helped him manage his grief, and what he says to people experiencing tragedy and loss.

  • He explains why the life and welfare of animals is so important to him.

  • He shares what he knows today that he didn’t know before about overcoming trauma.

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  • What struck you about Howard’s comments?

  • What have you survived?

  • How do you manage tragedy and loss?

  • What have you learned about overcoming trauma?

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