Creative Mornings


Airdate: September 19, 2017

Matt Olin is the owner of Matt Olin Creative, a copywriting, branding and creative consultancy. He is the co-host of CreativeMornings Charlotte, a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. He is also co-host of Queen City Quiz Show, a series of live games shows designed to help neighborhoods and communities shape the future of the city. Over a 20-year career in theater production in New York and Charlotte, Matt developed and produced over 60 projects for the stage exploring the human condition and our higher purposes. He was a member of the Dodger Theatrical's Broadway Producing team, which received 14 Tony Awards during his tenure. He was Managing Director and Producer of Charlotte Repertory Theater. For many years he was the keyboardist for Shadowflag, a rock touring band. Matt earned an undergraduate degree at UNC Chapel Hill and a MFA from Columbia University.   

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in the power and purposes of creativity and a passion-filled life.


  • Matt explains what Creative Mornings is and what it means to him.

  • He talks about the philosophy that guides Creative Morning gatherings and what he hopes Creative Mornings might become.

  • He discusses what creativity is and what role he and his team are fulfilling in this moment in the city.

  • Matt considers if we are innovating what we need to innovate.

  • He shares a childhood memory that reveals how he feels about accomplishment and recognition.

  • Matt explains a time in his life he calls The Thrash and how it led to the work he is doing now.

  • He talks about the influence of his wife Sarah Olin and the essential qualities of his marriage.

  • Matt reveals who he is seeking to become and how he hopes to be remembered.

plus Mark's Personal Word Essay: Evolutionary Intelligences of the Human Hive

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  • What struck you about Matt's comments?

  • What role are you filling in your community?

  • Are we innovating what we need?

  • How are you creative?

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