Getting to Insight


Airdate: July 14, 2017

Bruce Fritch is a business advisor who accesses the human brilliance of people and organizations. He sees our gifts, talents and experiences as the wellspring for the best of human endeavors.  A former naval officer and bank executive, and a consultant to small and large enterprises throughout the world over nearly a 50 year career, he is a student of leadership and culture.  His clients cross industry sectors from financial services to healthcare to manufacturing to start-up ventures.  Bruce is also an artist.  A prolific writer and photographer, he is a keen observer of the human condition.  His work has the voice of a prophet calling his audience to excellence and higher purpose.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in the power and consequences of leadership, and hearing a powerful personal journey of growth and reflection.


  • Bruce describes what he does professionally and the impact he seeks to have.

  • He responds to assertions he has made about the state of leadership in corporate America.

  • He compares American leadership to the example of leadership he witnessed in South Africa.

  • Bruce explains how our social and behavioral self-aspects are shaped by emulation.

  • He shares the impact of his father and mother in his life, the understanding he has now, and his continued quest for personal insight.

  • Bruce talks about his experience as a Navy officer and Admiral's aide and what he learned about leadership and culture.

  • He explains what he means by 'human brilliance,' what leaders do to activate it, and how happiness goes to the adult.'

  • Bruce discusses his interest in photography, what matters most to him, and his work ahead.

plus Mark's Personal Word Essay: Before the Age of the Internet

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  • What struck you about Bruce's story?

  • How do you perceive human brilliance?

  • Who do you emulate?

  • How does happiness go to the adult?

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