Strange and Wonderful Bodies

JEFF JACKSON | Duration: 34 minutes

Airdate: July 5, 2017

Jeff Jackson is a novelist who writes beautiful stories about disturbing characters.  His writing is given shape by remnants of dreams and the resonance of found objects.  Anything can happen in the tales he tells...and his readers consternation and delight. He is the author of the novels Mira Corpora, Novi Sad and Destroy All Monsters!  His short fiction has appeared in numerous literary magazines.  He has written plays, edited literary anthologies, co-founded a popular website on jazz, and received fellowships from several leading centers of art.  He received his MFA from NYU.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in literary fiction and the summoning of culture to tell strange and wonderful narratives about identity and transformation.  


  • Jeff explains why he calls his website 'Death of Literature' and what makes fiction ‘literary.’

  • He discusses why he chose the title Mira Corpora for the title of his first novel and what helps him stretch imagination.

  • He talks about two characters in Mira Corpora; one that bears his name and the other who is quite disturbing.

  • Jeff reflects on a blurb by Don Delillo that led to a walk around the block.

  • He discusses ‘writing as incantation’ and why he is drawn to writing coming-of-age stories.

  • Jeff summarizes his second novel Novi Sad and the value of hypnagogic time.

  • He responds to a comparison of his work with the work of David Lynch.

  • Jeff explains what makes a character interesting and what to expect in his next novel Destroy All Monsters.

plus Mark's Personal Word Essay: We Are Always Emerging

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  • What makes a work literary and engaging to read?

  • How are you coming-of-age?

  • Is there a dreamlike-realism in your life?

  • What makes a character interesting to you?

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